FOST meetings

April 28th, 2009Orsay CR-1 Kick-off meeting (slides)
May 6th, 2009Orsay Coq development
June 19th, 2009Villetaneuse CR-2 Working day about real numbers in Coq
July 21st, 2009Rocquencourt Coq development
September 14th, 2009Orsay Coq development (consistency is ok)
October 1st, 2009Rocquencourt Coq development (partial meeting)
October 5th, 2009Villetaneuse Coq development (convergence is ok)
October 19th, 2009Rocquencourt Coq development
November 16th, 2009Orsay Coq development (nearly done)
January 8th, 2010Rocquencourt Article writing
January 20th, 2010Orsay Article writing
May 21st, 2010Villetaneuse Perspectives
December 6th, 2010Rocquencourt Coq development about reflections and perspectives
March 3rd, 2011Villetaneuse Coq development
March 30th, 2011Paris Presentation to the ANR
April 6th, 2011Orsay Article writing
May 9th, 2011Orsay Article writing
June 20th, 2011Rocquencourt Article writing